Monday, September 15, 2008

Napa Valley...Rohnert Park Trip



Conference Trip - August 25th to 29th
My Dh Tom is a superintendent of road in our county....He buys all the equipment for the county , and is a member to Maintenance Supertintendent Assoc.
And every year we take a 4 or 5 day trip to different places.
He meets with different companies and learns about there new equipment he may need to purchase the coming year.
Or he takes a class on new laws , or about new chemicals he may also be using . Learns about tree problems...It is a very informative conference.
This year he took one of his general foremans and his wife along.
And of course where ever we are...the company big wigs...Wine and Dine us to get my DH to buy more from them next time....hopefully!
They send all the spouses out for special planned lunches and to sitesee or shop.
So this year this is what we did.Our trip was to Rohnert Park, California.
It is near Napa Valley, Ca., Sonoma, Healdsburg, Ca., Santa Rosa area.
We had a great time.
We stayed at the *Doubletree Hotel in Rohert Park, Ca.It was very very nice...Large rooms, and oversized bathroom, with big fluffy tons of pillows on the bed.
Patio with chairs over looking a golf course or atrium. We really enjoyed it....
First day was Monday , but we did not go until Tuesday the 26th this year..I had an appointment.
Now for the spousal outings... we boarded a very big bus...the first day they took us to *Napa Valley Wine Train...and we had a outstanding wine tasting and the a ride and lunch on the train ( Kelly MacDonald is their Executive Chef) It was a outstanding lunch and * beautiful tables.
The cost is a little expensive with lunch ...up to $149.00 per person. The food was very fancy...dessert was to die for...CHOCOLATE brownie cake ...with wine cherries !!
I was done ...
But then a little gift store stop... bought my grandson a train toy...he loves trains !
then ... we go back on our bus and next stop is at *Cline Winery in Sonoma, Ca.... we took a tour, I saw the grape crusher, and where they store the wine, they gave us a wonderful bottle of Cashmere Wine, very nice gift. Little wine tasting and off we went.
Back to the hotel...for an evening of "No host" bar hospitality you can win prizes and eat goodies, ( like antispasto, fresh fruit, pastries) and have cocktails and meet new friends all out in the beautiful atrium courtyard.
After all that fun we got my hubby's general foreman Gordon and his wife Linda and head to River Rock Casino....which was fun. Linda use to live in Santa she knew the area well.
Then we drove back to hotel to go to the Hospitality suite to party more.
Yes...little more drinking...then well needed sleep.
What a first day. I am pooped ! day two we head out to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. I will have to take my granddaughter to see it...I know she will love it.
They gave us a treat and we on a wonderful trolley car bus ride , called * Rosie .
We gals are having a ball....LOL Very nice group of ladies.
Oh I took pics of *Charlie Brown and the gang...we had the tour...then we went to the gift shop. I bought my granddaughter a Snoopy doll and key ring.
Then it was back on Rosie and off to Healdburg, Ca... for a nice lunch at Center Street Cafe and Deli...kind of a Mel Diner type place.It was fun.
Then we all took off shopping and looking, they had fine art galleries, and Kendall-Jackson Wine tasting room, I checked out the Hand Fan Museum, even some nice second time shops to check out, but because it was 102 degrees in the shade, we opted to get a ice cream cone and sit in the park at the Town Plaza, and wait until time for Rosie to return for us.
Then it was back to the hotel....and just in time to get ready for a evening of more hospitality, yep your guessed it...No Host Bar again!
But this evening we were to be Wine and Dined by one of the big companies Execs...there were 10 of us invited. The name of the reastaurant we went to was Italian was an old 1940's house turned into a restaurant.
We had more drinks, some wine, and some of the best food OMG ... calamari, shrimp, leg of lamb, steaks, and for dessert...Creme Brulee, Trimaisu ( hope I spelled everything correct ...LOL ) and more drinks...and coffee.
Oh what a night....They could have sold me anything....LOL
I was so full....

Well after that wonderful, I am sure very very expensive was back to the hotel...and yes ( that's right) to the hospitality suite....No more drinks for me...OMG !
Now the next day was a free day...we went shopping on our own...and I has a wonderful hotel breakfast...and laid around our room...DH played golf.
And then we all got ready for the Banquet and No Host Cocktail Party in the Grand Ballroom for that evening.
Prime Rib, Salm,on on the menu.... I never ate so much on a trip....
We got semi dressed up...and there was a band that played 70's to now music...and we danced and drinked the night away...they had raffles gave away of $6,000 in prizes... and my DH won me a new 7.2 mega pixels Samsung digital camera. Yahoo !!!
I was so happy....LOL
Next we went to hospitality suite for a end of the evening...was very nice.
But I had to finally turn in....I am to old for this CRAP !
Next day we went to * Domaine Carneros Winery...OMG...I could live in a castle like this any day.
I told Lisa of Skunk Hollow about it...turns out she is a member of Domaine Carneros....Outstanding !.
Oh please Lisa....Take me there sometimes with ya...kiddo.....LOL
No kidding !!
A then we left and just went to sitesee for hours....Had nice brunch, stopped by a mall, got some lunch.
Next day was time to go we left the Napa area...we drove thru Fairfield , California on Hwy 12 the way home and we saw the Train we took our grandson back to it last weekend.
And took the train ride and saw all the old trains.
I just can't seem to stay off the trains...LOL He had a ball !!
Well that all about my trip....hope you enjoyed it.

I sure did...It seem to go fast, we met some very nice new friend and saw some of the old friend from other county's we see each year.Wish I had more pics...but if you see this ( * ) next to a place or word ...look for the pictures above....
I really enjoyed it...hope to go to Napa Valley area again...

Oh next year we are hosting the conference in Sacramento, California...Oh goodie !



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