Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have been "DIVA TAGGED"

Wow I have been tag by my new friend friend Liz at what a nice surprise.
Thanks Liz...
Now I have to tell 8 things that you don’t know about me, and then tagged eight other people.
Well here it goes:
I go out to eat with a group of Ladies "Old Gals Bunco Club" monthly
(we just eat...don't play Bunco anymore...LOL )
I have neighbors I talk to everyday...but don't know there names.
I get accunpunture every 2 week...Ouch!!
I think catsup is HOT !
I love to dance & sing
I hate to paint
I am a dust nut...dust my house daily
I am an only child
Now I am sending a tag to these 8 folks below...
who is a wonderful friend and,"Hand Stitch Diva"
Carmen who out a good buddy...graphic wiz and "Diva Cook"
Liz Revit, my new friend, outstanding artist, and "High Class Diva"
Flora , outstanding artist, new friend and "Diva Sculptor"
Judy, my new friend and "Swap Diva"
Annette...good friend, and I admire her work, talent caring "Diva Mom"
Marie my new atc swap friend, she does outstanding work "ATC Diva" for sure !
Laurie, this is very talented Halloween artist...I love her style a real "Spooky Diva"

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HowlingMoonDesigns said...

You've been tagged again Sandra :)!!