Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is a Simple Greeting Card...?

What is a Simple Greeting Card....
One that is inexpensive, tell how you feel or make the person receiving the card feel great, thru just the the design or picture when they first see it .
And it brings a smile to the person receiving or giving the card.

I usually have my cards painted in watercolor tones, some and antiqued...however this time...I am bring you a different line of Greeting Cards , available on Greeting Card Universe.
Babycakes...Prim Cards.
Whimsical Prim designs..." from my drawing board to you" my doodles !
I hope you like the primitive touch, some are from original doodle paintings and some are from actual photos of original handmade makedos or ornies of my work ...that are my favorites !
I added some words to some and some are blank...add you own words.
Priced for only $2.79 each, ( envolope included) mailed directly to you , or where you wish.
Click on the widget to the see all my cards.

By the way...if you are look for a special card...maybe I can make it for you. ( Using your idea).
Thanks for the support...Have a wonderful Day !

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