Thursday, December 23, 2010


Prim Christmas Poem                                          

Strips of tea dyed cloth

Old buttons you found

Cinnamon stick dust

And even dented signs

stuck in the ground

Trash to Treasures

And old torn up lace

These things we make all grungy

to put on our dolls face

We sand and paint .

Bald headed santas

And cloth candy canes

Snowball mittens

An even angels wings

Whether you sell or swap these things

Prim swaps make your heart sing

Prim things hanging on your Christmas tree

even the lights are prim  - ooh...we

Ain't nothing better that finding a

Prim Treasure Site

A Blog or a Forum...of a friend

If they ain't Prim... they ain't right

Not looking for folkart or country you say

It's only a Prim site for you

Prim makes everything...ok

There's so much talent and wonderful things

that other folks make ...

But if they aint got seem to just go away

Remember if you pass those sites

Prim only got a little more time, Prim might go away

Styles come and go , and change all the time

You know I'm right,
Remember to support other sites

Not just Paper clay ones

There other sites out there

Try a doodle or a painting or rugs handmade

Support they can continue to create
Even if they ain't making prim you see

They will appreciate a sale from thee

No matter what they sale.

There hearts they put in it

From rabbits to cats

Even Ornies that they make

Published or not, for goodness sake

This folks items need to sell

Just like yours

Only quality made , not sold in a store

It's ok to love Prim ...we understand that's just you
Try buying a few...and you may easily see

Collectibles are awesome even those made by me

This poem's ending got one more thing to say

You may be Prim today...
Economy tough, and lot of crafters went away
Let's  hope that this Christmas

We keep the bells ringing
Bring you lots of great sales

And new customers I'm praying

Now to all of you...
Have a Prim Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year

S. Caldwell Babycakes Doodles & Designs

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Liz Revit said...

Sandra, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year! I'm glad to call you my friend.