Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran Day Poem

My Dad was a veteran ( Army) , I miss him a lot &
 my wonderful husband is a veteran ( Navy)
I wanted to write a poem for all veterans.
Thanks for all some did...and  Thanks for all some are doing.
God Bless you !


I was walking down the street one day
When standing in front of me
Was a tall man in uniform
His face I could not see
Folks were gathered around him
Talking all at once
He just was smiling back
While dranking some fruit punch
And up and down the street
You could hear people say
Yes today a special day
Let's  celebrate  hoo-ray
All the folks we honored
With flags...long may they wave
It was just our way of saying Thanks
For all they do to save
American way of living
For the Land of the Free
 A veteran , can be Army, Navy or
Marine, , he can be you or me.
So when you see a veteran
Standing near by
Offer him  a hand shake
He made it home
Don't cry !

S. Caldwell © 2010

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