Friday, November 19, 2010

How do I handle this Turkey ?

How do I handle this Turkey ...

Thanksgiving...1 day out of the year you know you are either cooking or going some where to eat.
You know it going to be a big meal, and leftovers, and lots of desserts.
You know there are going to lots ...and I mean lots of dishes & cleaning.
You know someboday has to shop for all that food.
OMG....Who started this mess?

How to handle this Turkey Poem 

They tell me it was Pilgrims & Indians
But this I cannot believe
I know that Indians  ate Buffalo
And wore feathers  indeed

Why would Pilgrims cook a turkey
And make a pumpkin pie
I just think someone is wrong
Surely this must be a lie ?

Sitting at a table
With stuffing and cranberries
Eating rolls with butter
Please pass the Giblet gravy

Long ago they say
That this was a good thing
For these two people to Give Thanks
But its hard on us today

We have to buy the food and cook it
And we in a recession
Everything we need for this dinner
We need to count our blessings

We  invite folks to eat it all
And carve the bird ...we must
The folks show up that get on your nerves
On this you all can trust

If I had lived back in those days
I sure would have said something
Are you Pilgrims crazy, I'd say
Inviting these folk all fussing

Now I'm on a  diet
Dang I have to be
Or pray
From now to New Year Eve
It all because of this day
Now guess who has to
 I roll up their  sleeve

Now I'm doing  all the dishes
Yes it's little old me
I alway open my mouth

For Thanksgiving is about giving
Boy I think I might cry
Just sitting here  having some Turkey
Boy this bird is dry

I hope you can handle your Turkey
And don't gain a pound indeed
And that my little poem
Turned your Turkey Day indeed
I hope it put a smile on your face
As Turkey never leave the ground
Hope my little poem
Turns your frown upside down

Happy Thanksgiving
S. Caldwell 2010 

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