Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pattern by Skunk Hollow...Doodle by Babycakes

Collaboration is the key here....Friends work well together.
When I saw Lisa pattern finished... Tom Cat, he was to much...seemed like he said , What Crow ?
I asked her. Would you like to see it in a doodle ? Then you can use the doodle to make a stitchery or painting or rug, maybe needle felt , or and ATC card and so on. she said go for it. And this is what we got. If you have never used a doodles they can be used for anything.
If you like Lisa's pattern click on the title to take you to the place to order it.
Also see more of my doodles and Lisa's patterns on Skunk Hollow Country Store.
I just added lots of more new doodles...take a peek !


Lisa said...

Love that doodle of yours Sandra! It captured my cats he got caught with a mouth full ha ha ha!

Liz said...

That is so cute great doodling!