Thursday, August 21, 2008

100 th BLOG POST.... Yahoo!!!!!!!

This is my 100th blog....
OMG...I can't believe I wrote 100 posts. I must have had a lot to say...right?
Imagine that......LOL
Well My 100th blog will give you a little bit of everything I want to first say ...It going to be a flash-back of my blog to me!
I hope you all that visit my blog before have gotten a chuckle, or a inspiration, or maybe even a good tip from what I write here week after week. I was so fun for me...really!!
I going to try to lightly sum up my pass 100 posts. I would like to take you back to blog post #1 thru #99 somewhat ...with a few flashbacks...a glimpse of my steps to this 100th post.
Baby to speak!
I going to do out takes about me and my family and my friends ( maybe even you) that I have met while blogging.
Babycakes Speaks again & again... (Babycakes is what my granddaughter named my business) don't know if you knew that. ( ain't no sunshine when she gone). I just love her visits.
On my blog I play music...each song has a meaning for me in some way , I will tell about that also every now and then.
Welcome to the greatest show... that's one of my songs on my blog...hopefully when I wrote my first blog entry in Feb 2008, I know a lot of you never got to read it...I write so fast. But I hope I made each visit to my blog ...the greatest show, it's what I wanted to do.
I said ,I do like to talk so sure you will be reading about all the silly,weird and wonderful thing in my life. I hope I don't offend anyone, by what I say. It's all in fun!
I will share , things I will be doing with my family,friends, and side-kicks! I call my partners in crime... as it's a crime how much fun we have on and off the computer!
Many time thru my post I will just tell you like it is... How I feel, or hurt, just what's going on with my online network or family , friends, or about my wares, ... I talk about places I sell, and others talent folks online that sell.
I have a friend Lisa on Skunk Hollow...who is my friend, who keeps me focused on why I stay selling online. She keeps my talent she calls it in check by telling me to get to work. And down right pushes me to do my best. She has sold my goodies on her website you can see here ... for little over 2 years. Thanks you Lisa...for your help and support, talks, and friendship... Hugs !
Lisa and I also started a blog a month or so ago ... Wymzee Arts Friends where I get to write stories about some of the best online crafters, artists who inspire us all, STARS ....Just one more thing she talked me into...LOL
I hope I make you proud kiddo.
Then you met my family , my DH ,son, and granddaughter, and grandson...they all mean the world to me. We are a small family...but I know they all have my back ! DH spoils me, never makes me cook...(7 days a week he take me out) if I want, supports my crafts and takes care of me so good ( I love you babe) , my son is more of an artist than myself , he draw rings around me, and my grandkids keep me young, moving, and I am so proud of them. I love you all so much...Thank you !!
Then I told you all about ATC Cards...I just love those little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 cards...I could make them forever. You should try making some. A way to collect other artists work in a original painting cheaply. Then I talked more about my grandkids visits, the amount of money they can run thru and they give me love and sometime a few colds.. but with love !
Oh and my friends poem...I finally after 2 years got to meet Lisa face to face...That was a hoot! I would love to meet all you wonderful folks I have meet online. So many miles you are away. But online brings us closer. As my music says ...I got a brand new Jones....and it is all of you , the blog I write on all rolled up with my art.
Well..I talked about how we plan to was Obama and Clinton...and now it has gone farther and almost time to cast your vote for real...McCain or Obama? I still have to think on this one ...who will it be ...Not Bush thank goodness !!
Then about me selling on Etsy...who isn't? LOL
Oh and I know I needed to put more recipes...sorry, but remember to get my Paula Dean crab cake recipe...Yummy!!
Oh and did you hear me on Prim Sister Talk Radio ( show 21 )...take a listen, you can hear about about my past and world of crafting.
Then DH and I went on a trip last year to ...Ventura, Ca. lot of fun! Oh more food...Corn Casserole...if you need it, so good!
Then the Big day ......" A Time for Primitives" opened on April 1st ...and I am still on there. Then I showed you all some of my works, paper clay ornie, makedos, etc.
My collectibles in my home....ROOSTERS & CHICKENS , they are my thing !!
I talked to you about my Accupunture....little over a year ago I was told I had that unseen disease "Fibromyalgia"...., I am sure lots of you fight this everyday!
Told you about my cruise to Mexico..with our family & friends.
I joined a group on Etsy... called Olde Farmhouse Gathering Group , very talent group of folks...check out OFG.
I joined the EBAY HALLOWEEN GROUP...HA 31 and Halloween Artist .
Yes I just keep joining....see why I may have to stop blogging ...NO TIME... LOL
Yep...I did it again...I joined a wonderful new site....Primitive Peddlers, but it's a good place to advertise all your sites. And Cathy is a sweetie. Thanks Cathy for all your hard work.
Oh I got an award...from a good friend Annette... of , yes you guessed it...I have a mini site on here also. ....told you I was busy ...LOL
Gave you a peek at my handsome ( single) son...LOOKING GOOD Kiddo !!
As you can see I ...wish you all...Happy Feelings, as another one of my songs says...won another award...from my buddy Carmen...( She made my Teddy 100th post avatar for me from one of my doodles..Thanks Carmen )
This girl is good....check her out.
Then I got tagged from my friend Flora , she told me to sum me up in 6 words.Here are my 6 words...Creative Woman , Aged Well, Simple Achievements well I tried...LOL
You saw my live wire of a granddaughter many times on here ...even her latest hair cut and met her other grandmother...we both hope to play the part of strong women in her life.
And you saw my handsome little buddy. They both are growing to fast to keep up. I showed you some of my off the wall Halloween crafts...and my doodles, I can't seem to stop drawing them...I have 12 books of 100 pages each drawn.
My granddaughter wants to color all of them...yep she love crafting also, so ...I made a coloring book just for her...but made it available to you to buy also.
I did the "Show me Wednesday" Challenges & Inspire Me Thursday Challenge.
I am a sucker for a challenge.
You met more of my Online friends and saw there blogs and work...Good folks, they inspire me so much, I must name a few.... Lisa, Carmen, Liz,Kenyatta, Flora, Annette, Judy, Linda, Sue, Patty, Joanie, Denise, Raeann, Rosemary,Yvonne, Cindy, Lucy, Melissa, Candy, Cathy, Jill, Sandra,Dorothy,Alice,Vicki, Flora, Christy, Pam, Daisy, Thelma,Charlene,Debbie, Renee, Jan, Lynda, Wendy, Jillian, Oh ... if you are not here...I don't know you !! LOL
My final flashback is about a post that meant so much to me , it was Father 's Day post...about my father , husband and have no idea how I cried...I added the song ...Mr. Bojangles then ...Oh Lordy...I am going to cry now!
I want to end with this poem....I wrote...


Things of interest
Words of choice
If I write it down
It don't make a sound
If you read it thru
It may touch your heart too
That's why I blogged

S. Caldwell 2008

So That's it... my 100 th post...
Thanks you all for reading the longer than life blog post...a lite recap. ( Yea sure)...LOL
Well I had to make it big......If you skipped to the bottom...boy did you missed the plot ( and surprise) ...LOL
Thanks for all your comments about 2 Blog or NOT 2 always give me support... I will think it thru . Thanks so much!
You know my computer crashed last week...and I almost did not get to make this post, and it scared me, knowing folks out there have nothing better to do than send out viruses.
But they did not stop me....But they really made me have a lot to say...again, and again!! LOL

Now comment here to enter to WIN my goodies... the 6th person that comments WINS!!! ( SORRY 1 POST PER PERSON)
But have no fear...there will be another contest to win about this will still have a chance....LOL
Thanks everyone for you well wishes !!!!



Skunk Hollow Country Store said...

Sandra you crazy friend of mine. Congrats on your 100th post...just goes to show you how long winded you are hee hee...Thanks for mentioning me!

Judy said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!! May there be many many more!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Sandra...xxxRobby

shweetpotato said...

Yayyyy 100 posts WOOT WOOT, thats so awesome, I LOVE your blog except you always have some nummy treat on the side pic that makes me hungry lmbo, I think you need to start posting the recipes so I can try them and blog them :D Carm

robin_titan said...

are we allowed to post more than once? i sure hope so : )

lc_intocable at

robin_titan said...

well like i said i sure hope so, please don't be mad at me if we aren't : ) <--i hope that can make up for it if you are hehe congratulations on your 100th post keep on blogging : )

lc_intocable at

Liz said...

Oh boy 100 post I dont think I am even close to that on my blog. You do have some nice post and I enjoyed visting. Best Wishes

Linda said...

Sandra, Congratulations!! I'm throwing you 100 hundred pink roses,LOL. Keep up the great work.