Saturday, June 14, 2008


I knew a man Bojangles and he dance for you....In wore out shoes.

Mr. Bojangles ...Dance !!
OK I cannot sing....LOL
(But Sammy below to hear the song Mr Bojangles)

But this card I just created ...made me remember

it's Father's Day Weekend .

This ATC CARD is new and for sale on Etsy right now....
And this design will be a card available on Greeting Card Universe soon.


As I drew this atc card...I was thinking , I lost my father now going on 6 years ago...
I miss him a lot !
He lived with my DH and I for over 9 years.
Oh we had some crazy "Friendly Family Poker Games...
and argue about cooking BBQ. I really have some good and some so, so memories of him.
But he was a good father his own way!

Happy Father Day ...Pop ! ..... We miss you !

Now father figures in my life are only my DH & son,
My DH , he has done so much for me...
Love me I do him!
Works hard I don't have to.
Is my endless bank , and spoils me rotten.
Dang that worth a lot...LOL
He is a wonderful Great Grandfather ( Papa) , and father...
As I said we have a son....And he also is a father...x 2... he is
handsome , smart, and draws rings around me, writes music, and can cook great to !
He just needs focus, and a wife .... this I pray for that each day.

Now these 2 men are the only father's figures we know...and both mean the world to us....
So to the both of them.....I , my granddaughter & grandson...say...

HAPPY FATHER"S DAY ...We Love you !!!!!!!

and to all you other father's out there... Happy Father's Day also,

Have a wonderful Day !!



shweetpotato said...

Hope you had a great Fathers day :D ours was pretty good, omgosh WHY do you have that yummy pictures of brownies that is just MEAN lol, I have been craving brownies lately and I dont usually like chocolate hehe, Im sure PMS has something to do with it. LOVE Bo Jangles and your cute cutting board. Carm

cuteartworld said...

My brownies have to have nuts in them do they have nuts in them? Gosh how I wish I lived near by! I hope you and your family had a great Fathers Day!

shweetpotato said...

TAG YOUR IT!!! Peek at my doodles blog :D Carm