Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Selling on Etsy or Ebay ?

Yes ...I sell on both...I am in a Ebay group ...ATFP ( A Time for Primitive) and a Ebay group for ATC Cards... ACEO I do sell on Ebay.

I also sell on Etsy..I just open a store there...I sell mainly ATC Cards...and a few other finished items. Check out my page here:

To sell on Ebay or not?
That is the question.... LOL .....OMG !

Well I kind of feel Ebay will always be here....the deal is you have to keep selling to get known.
It may take a few months or a year..... You can sell 20 items in a week and nothing for months, Scares the crap out you !! LOL
It like ..what happen..?
Depends what folks are looking for...buying, collecting, how you list and where and who you list with. Some groups are well know. They sell well....

Can you hang on is the question?
Some people need funds now....some of us are lucky enough for this to not be our main income.
Those folks can hang on....

Never give up, or quit..those are your choices.
Fees...All prices are raised...

Food, clothes, Cars, Phones, ...everything is raised. It our the sign of the times!

Ebay has to stay a float also. So they raise there prices, we have to deal with it or leave.
Boycotting is not going to change everyone is not going to boycott.
And not for 1 can that hurt them?
And only we lose...not Ebay...they will still get there fees when we come back.
Or a new person will take our place and they will still get there fees!!

Now Etsy is a up and coming site....building up fast...we made Ebay what it is...and Etsy can be come just like Ebay.
And soon...they will raise there prices....Watch !
Will we boycott Etsy then?

This time next year we will be paying more on Etsy.
So enjoy it while it last.

Good luck where ever you sell....Etsy or Ebay!!
Just my 2 cents......
Have a nice day......

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