Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's doodle time on Babycakes  Speaks Blog...
My doodles are no longer selling on Skunk Hollow.
So if you want me to make a Doodle Blog or put them up on Etsy...let me know. I cannot read minds.
Now for some doodles that are FREE to download and  a few others that  are just downloadables for sale. Over to the right you can see what I made from a doodle. This simple crow stitchery in a frame. Took a couple hours and ...I CANNOT SEW !!
If you like the freebies let me know in a coment here... I may put some more up soon.
I mostly paint my doodles...however you can make rugs, or pillows, add them to a dolls dress.
FREE is always good. But if you buy some I will get inspire to draw some more new ones.  Enjoy and Thanks for dropping by.

Oh by the way...FREE DOODLES are on the left side of the blog. Have fun!!

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