Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is my newest painting on Etsy ...
So I decided to make this Scrooge poem to go with it...we all have a Scrooge in our lives. And this is what I have to say about mine...
I live with Scrooge everyday
365 days I have dismay
He never want to give presents or a kind thoughts
He never ask friends over
Or lets his guard down
At home you think you can enjoy, entertain, ok
But living with Scrooge that will happen... no way
Give a party and Scrooge kicks folks out
And never a kind word comes out of his mouth
Only two little kids can get to his heart...his grand son and granddaughter
Make Scrooge do these things
He even put lights on the tree, and wraps presents for them
It something to see
Now you wonder how I can live with this guy everyday
I love my Scrooge
And forever will...
I have to say !
Happy Holidays
S. Caldwell 2009


Brown Sugar Babies said...

As always - I love your art.

Sandra said...

Thanks Keni...I love yours as well...Happy Holidays