Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama's Inauguration

Well it looks like today ...history is made again...
our first Black President Barrack Obama
will be sworn in for a 8 year term.
Change will be made...
But only by our support and help can this happen.
I wrote this poem below in honor of
President Obama Day. I hope you like it....


The world is watching
"We Have a Dream"
as said by Dr. Martin Luther King
If we pray and support
This man name Obama
Our world may change and
We'll see the dreams of tommorrow
Become the reality of today
Only with our help
Can he truly make a change
From Jobs to Gas
Homes and Economy
Move away from the past.
To give us and our children a future we pray
Many men of freedom and hope
have pass this same route before
Abe Lincoln
John Kennedy
made our country soar
Let's just make our new President's
Dream come true
Today is his Inauguration Day
Now Barrack Obama will lead the way
May God have mercy on his soul
And Bless his family in there lifes goal !
Remember one man cannot do it alone
And together we will all stand strong
This battle we must win
For our lives to grow strong again.

by S. Caldwell

January 20, 2009


Linda said...

Well said!! WONDERFUL!!

Liz said...

What lovely and so true!!!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

what a nice way to pay tribute to our new President!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I have such high hopes for Obama! I can't wait to see what changes he makes.

Lynda said...


CountryCrocks said...

Fabulous poem Sandra! You are very talented. This poem really touched my heart.


MommaB said...

wonderful poem