Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peppermill Suite... Trip

Well I got a FREE (Comped)trip to stay at the Peppermill Casino and Hotel in Reno this pass weekend.
It was so nice. If you go to Reno I surely recommend those Suites. I brought back this postcard picture. This is what our room looked like. It was OUTSTANDING!! Very large room...

42" Plasma flat screen TV in the room and 27" plasma flat screen in the bathroom. Whirlpool tubs and telephone in the potty.. And the most high fluffy bed. ( That was the only bad point for us...little to fluffy...LOL ) But we dealt with it... And a safe and honor bar. Just a beautiful warm room.

We were in heaven. The furniture was old world Italy. And the view...OMG ...looked out over a waterfall in to the pool and spa area.
This is a new area they just built. It's a must see !!
I forgot to ask what those room cost...FREE was good for us....LOL
Very nice trip. But I am back to Christmas and painting.

See ya


Liz said...

It is so romantic. You lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you paid for your free room in gaming losses! The Peppermill really counts on spending big for food and gaming. That room was nice though!

Sandra said...

Hi there...Thanks Liz.
Well Anonymous...who ever?
Not me...I lost $40.00 on the penny machines in the 2 days...LOL
But I was still ahead they gave me $100.00 to gamble & the free room, so I brought home $60.00..Yahoo!
Got to have a plan and stick to it...