Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Christmas...This Christmas 2008 Poem

Last Christmas 2007...my DH and I took our grandkids on the Christmas Train...
It was wonderful, My Granddaughter was a reindeer and my Grandson was Santa's Buddy...all the way home.
We had Hot Chocolate and Cookies and sang songs, and the elves told stories. And Santa had a visit with each child on the train personally. It was worth the money to see there faces glow.
Now this year we will make new memories....do a few things different,
We will treasure all the time with them...This Christmas !

Below I have written a poem...I call "This Christmas"...Enjoy !

I love the song..."This Christmas"
I love to hear Chris Brown sang it or Christine Aguiliera....Patti LaBelle and more!
It has inspired this poem....
by me Babycakes Speaks...

This Christmas

Carolers Sing
Cookies & Pies are baked
Presents are wrapped
With bows and string & tape
Fat Lil Jolly man in a red suit
Coming to visit childrens dreams...
and eat cookies and drank a glass of milk
Hope, Peace on Earth and
Charity make joy and love glow in our hearts it seems
Baby Jesus and Mary in the Manager lay
Oh what a truly wonderful blessed day
Snowballs and Candy Canes
Hot Chocolate & Mistletoe
Family and Friends...
Folks drop by we don't even know
These are the things that make our holidays glow
Mothers cooking those special meals and cakes
Soldiers that are our son come home and get a break
And health and prayers go hand in hand
As we remember...Christmas past and that
The world's problem don't last
And that this coming year the world may change
At last jobs, and homes, and things we need
Obama may bring.
Life , Hope and Love , Pray this man will succeed
Our children know that what we give...are things they need
In presents or stockings or things they believe
But memories we shared ...are in our hearts
Times have changed from Old Christmas Days
This Christmas ...I hope will be Happy for you in many ways
and... may all ..."This Christmas "
wishes come true.

Merry Christmas from ...
Sandra @ Babycakes Speaks 2008


Brown Sugar Babies said...

What beautiful grandchildren you have!!...and I love the poem.

Merry Christmas Sandra!!!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I agree, those grandies are gorgeous, Sandra and I love the poem!!!

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas and the best New Year Yet!

Liz said...

Great job with your poem. Your grand children are adorable!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Just popping in to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!