Monday, August 4, 2008

What we do on Wymzee Art Friends ?


What we do at Wymzee Art Friends Blog.... ?

Over 6 years ago I came online with a dream....
sell my wares and designs around the world.
Well it was not so easy , but I am getting there....
and I am sure you all know that to be true for some of you as well !
I have had 2 websites in the pass 6 years ...and many mini sites.
Sold on Ebay, Etsy, Online shows and so on .

How do you become a success you ask ?

Watch, Look, Listen & Learn!
I have made friends with some and maybe not with others.
Some of you know me...and some don't.
Went thru 9/11 and much more online.
But thru all of thing I see there are those online ,
I and others admire, and are inspired by.
The people you have learned from, been helped by
and for lack of another word, copied somewhat!
By using there patterns or style, or idea !
They are the STARS....we learn from, and see there success.
And we dream to be like them !
Well myself Sandra and Lisa Johnson started a blog...

Wymzee Arts Friends Blogthat I write the stories

about our STARS ...and we Showcase and
Honor those talented , sharing, outstanding artists.
We even have a Honorable Mentions Section....
these artists may not have a websites , or write books,
sell patterns, but they contribute to our art community also in many ,
many ways and we , Thank Them also !
From Painting, Sculpting, Sewing to Altered Art...... and so on .
Wymzee Art Friends wants to give " Credit where Credit is Due "

1. We ask you to nominate those you admire, enjoy, or collect, or learn from daily .

2. We ask you comment to their stories and let them know you Congratulate them, and appreciate there works, and proud of their recognition.

3. And we ask that you get busy and nominate, those you think are deserving.

The next story might just be about you.....
That's what we do at Wymzee Art friends Blog...
the new blog on the block !

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Thank you...

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