Thursday, May 29, 2008

I did a ATC Card Article...Oh Please read it !!

For month's now...I have been doing searches, reading, talking to all the talented ATC Card Artists out there...and believe me there are a lot of us... Not to say I am one, I just dream...LOL
Oh please read the article...and see !
Click here: Open the page and look to the right
Click on the Prim Sisters Gazette ( June / July Issue)...Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read.
I am the last article...For my first article...I think I did ok...LOL
Hope you like it ...
Oh and there are lots of other great articles in the Newsletter.
Let me know what you think. Put a comment here.

What are you still doing here...go read...LOL


Liz Revit said...

Hi, Sandra. Congratulations on your article. I told Kelly about it as well since ACEO Magazine is mentioned in the article.

Sandra said...

Oh I am so glad you liked it..Thanks so much...Oh good. I like her magazine.