Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Change my deck...Suggestions?

I my deck...but ... I want to change it...any suggestions.
It's very large...backyard that is....So I have room to do a lot....Any suggestions ?
Have a good evening



shweetpotato said...

Its gorgeous I LOVE it, I would LOVE to hang out there :D start the grill up hehe

Sandra said...

Oh Carmen Thanks sweetie...We do have some great grilling get-to-gathers. Love to have your over.
Hugs Sandra

RoBiN's ReST said...

Love your your artwork!!!

About the deck, and I am ONLY suggesting this cuz I did it myself...change the color to match the house, and it will make it part of the house instead of the red can color match or compliment with a full range of solid stains...mine is cape cod grey.

One other you have any codes about railing off a deck of so much height??? Usually there is one if you have to step up TWO steps like in your pics...but that would add to the effect...I love the white vinyl railings that have the turned spindles and posts.

I love the way you use the fence like an art gallery! Great Idea!!!
Especially if it isn't YOUR fence to begin with, it gives you options as to WHAT to do with YOUR SIDE of it!

I've added you to my favorite blogs...simply adorable!