Saturday, March 1, 2008


When I had my website open...Boondoogles Art Designs... with UMI , I did special order logo items, Crow Soup Pins and Logo pins

Yes I could recreate your logo in clay ( these are all handmolded by me in Sculpey clay).....I did mine, I will post it also soon...and a few
others...and I had a few left that were ordered but never
picked up....I am sure they just forgot.
Well I thought what a great game..I can't remember who they were ....can you?

Thought I would see if you could name all 3 ...

Here are the pictures of each of them......see anyone you remember .
May still be online or not?
And if you are the one that the logo belongs to by chance , Let me know also.
Name those Logos.....
Post you answers in a comment.....

Thanks for playing.....Have fun...

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