Friday, March 14, 2008

My Handsome son...

This is my son Thomas Jr. he is 6'3" and needed a wife...LOL I am screening applications.....LOL

I wish.... but just wanted to show off my handsome son.

Where Taylor ( my granddaughter) & Tahriq ( my grandson) get there good looks I suppose.


CoffeyHouse Collection said...

Yes!!!! He definitely is handsome!!! I have a handsome 6' 2" son! Son's are great aren't they?


A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Thanks sweetie..Oh yes....great to have around for sure.

Sharon Stevens said...

Wow!! Send him to Arizona, Phoenix area precisely for my middle daughter..she needs a husband..He is a hunk!!
ps thanks for the award..I'll get it posted ASAP and Of course I remember you! I hope you are feeling better. I hear ya on gaining weight with the meds. Sucks huh?

A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

Hi Sharon...OMG...Sharon you are a hoot!! Thanks you are so welcome!!