Monday, February 11, 2008


Well it's Monday the weekend is over....!
It was a nice weekend...we had the grandkids, Taylor & Tahriq over.
Tahriq had a bad cold...hope I don't catch it, I am coughing.........oh dear, something going around...poor baby he did not feel well at all. He was up and playing some, then you could tell he was out of it.
Did not have a fever, but just sleepy and did not eat a lot!
Taylor was find, hope she did not get it also.
Stayed home friday night, Saturday and on Sunday...we took them to a place called ...Incredible John's Pizza..... Tahriq felt much better.
Hope they enjoyed it...costed us $75.00....Highway robbery!! LOL
Places like all about the money , and cheap toys, games you cannot win and awful Pizza !
But it was for the kids.... and they love it..Every year Taylor has her birthday party there.
I was so tired, have to keep up with them....OMG, kids running thru your leg, kids everywhere.
But it was overall a nice weekend. When I find a nice picture I can post...I will show you all my grandkids.
Oh I gave them there Valentine gifts...Taylor loves Hannah Montana, so got her a shirt, and pink stuffed poodle, and choclate lips, and got Tahriq a car, some choclate lips, a game to help him learn to read. and stuff monkey.
They are good kids....we are proud of them!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
That about all....night every one.
Be back soon!!

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