Friday, February 22, 2008

Accupuncture today..Ouch!!

Well today was my day to go to Accupunture....little over a year ago I was told I had that unseen disease "Fibromyalgia"....I took Chronic Pain class at Kaiser this las 6 months. And I have to say they have help a lot.
This disease has changed my life a lot, can't walk as far, so now I have a handicapped sticker, my weight is a very big problem, hard to excercise, so I gain, WW is not helping anymore. I can't take the new medicine "Lyrica" Had a couple migraines...boy now that was the pits!! My cousin Rosemary has fibromyalgia also...she was on Lyrica for about a week....and she cannot take it either.
Well I still go to physical therapy and that does help...but I am so sore after for a week.
No pain gain..That is crap!!
Well going to bed now..... To all that have this...hang in there..but it is real!!

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